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Sin Slayer by Nelson O. Ottenhausen www.booksbyneslon.com
Sin Slayer by Nelson O. Ottenhausen

The Sin Slayer
by Nelson O. Ottenahusen

For over thirty years, a self-ordained church leader has convinced his small congregation to secretly kill dozens of people after hearing an inner voice, whom he believes to be God, tells him to cleanse the world of chosen sinners.               

The sinners are criminals who committed heinous crimes and escaped capital punishment because of a legal or technical oversight, allowing them to go free.  The tormented religious fanatic and his followers abduct the hapless sinners, torture them for days, then administer divine absolution; a brutal and sacrificial death.

An investigation into three unrelated crimes by a shrewd county sheriff uncovers the mysterious carnage and shocks a rural mid-western farm community to its very core.